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Frank of FDK3 Co and Carlos of C/K Machine, show you where to find the serial number for your Clausing-Colchester.


What is it about Colchesters that makes you so dedicated to the company?
Seems I have been doing this all of my business life, but it is so well made, it last many years, especially when taken care of. I’ve sold parts to customers who have machines that are 30 or 40-years old. That is quality.

​When did you first learn about Colchester machines?


While in high school in the 1960s, I would work the summers at my father’s place of business, a machine tool supply company started in 1952. In the late sixties my father became a lathe Clausing-Colchester dealer. After I graduated from college with a mechanical engineering degree, my father sent me over to Colchester, England to witness first-hand how the machines were being made and assembled. It was interesting to watch them being built on a factory assembly line and then to see the finished product. Learning about the precision that went into making Colchester machines was a priceless experience.

What do you love most about selling Colchester parts?
I love the challenge. And I love meeting people from all around the country who need fast and quality service, which I do provide. I guess I could say that being able to sell a product that is superior to all others might make a bit of a difference in my continued service to those who own Colchesters, but it is the love of selling a superior product that makes it worthwhile.

FDK3 Company has been and continues to be the source for Clausing-Colchester and Harrison products, providing the FDK3 GUARANTEE for all new and used parts. If you don't like the parts, we will refund your money and pay shipping costs.

In addition, FDK3 Company can provide you with Kalamazoo Band Saws, parts, blades and manuals. We offer the lowest prices on Colchester and Harrison lathe products, making it more affordable for companies and machinists to manufacture in North America. We aim to provide machine shops and Machinery Dealers the fastest delivery of parts to get their lathes up and running as quickly as possible.